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The Many Faces of Me
March 2005
Sun, Nov. 21st, 2004 11:49 pm

I made my first ever animated icon!!! LOOOOOOOK!

Hehehehehehe OBEY!

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Sun, Nov. 21st, 2004 08:24 am

This week at work has been absolutely bizarre. Chaos ridden, if you will. I dunno. Monday one of the managers Steve or 'Crash' as Jen calls him, nicked a gas line and we had to evacuate the store, including the groom shop. There were like, six fire trucks and news crews and stuff, and people were holding onto freshly shaven dogs and smoking and it was pretty funny. Then on Tuesday, one of the cashiers, Kelly, did a faceplant into the concrete floor of her laundry room and broke her nose. Obviously she called in sick. Then that night, someone smashed one of the windows in the groom shop and tried to steal a till drawer. It was priceless. Obviously the thief has never worked retail. No one /ever/ keeps money in a register after close. Anyway, then came Wednesday and my complete breakdown. I dunno exactly what brought it on. Still debating making a post, just because I'm not sure what I'd say. But, anyway, had this really hard discussion with Jay that amounted to: I don't want to breakup with you. I dunno if we can avoid it in the future. Here's to hoping. So, I was already freaking out, went into work, burst into tears when someone asked me how I was. Calmed down enough to actually work and ran into the rude bitch. So they sent me home. Thursday Tamara didn't show up for a shift and Lance (our Store director) was running around like a headless chicken. Friday... was more or less calm. Saturday was fucking busy, and I had my worst performance ever. I don't know /how/ I screwed up as badly as I did. Well. I do. It's called being busy with no breaks for hours and hours and dealing with craptastic equipment. Anyway. Excuses. Basically, I fucked up. Big. I know other people have made worse mistakes. I know other people make more frequent worse mistakes. But I take pride (an inordinate amount) in doing a good job. Plus, hi, still trying to get that promotion. So. Fuck. Been stressed.

Mostly? This post was made as an excuse to post this new icon.

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Fri, Nov. 19th, 2004 10:28 am

So, yeah, Wednesday blew. Thursday was better. Jay took the day off and we had a very fun morning. There was a bit of sleeping in, a very, exceptionally cute Stitch, and lots and lots of giggling and tickling and just-being-sillying. Which was balm. I like balm. I say: BALM!

We sent the computer off with a repair service as Jay's attempts to install a new video card utterly fragged it. So, I'm on my laptop again. Mental note: Change the damned wallpaper.

Jay played A Bard's Tale while I tootled around online a bit. Then we went and he dutifully sat at the beauty salon while I got my haircut. Four inches taken off, so all the frizzy dead bits are gone, and it was blow dried into straight submission. The curl is slowly returning though it is duly chastized. I look ridiculously cute in pigtails.

We went to Earls for lunch (which a co-worker of Jay's described as 'an upscale Hooters') I was disappointed by the lack of neon orange short-shorts and grandiose ta-tas, but was rewarded with peculiar reoccuring tattoos on the female waitstaff, which led to speculation on the inherent evil of trendoid eateries and the fact that if you eat there more than five times, you'll wake up with a closet full of knock off couture and begin working there as part of the hipster hive-mind.

After lunch we went to go see The Incredibles for the third time. The very fact that Jay was more than WILLING to see it in the theater three times should tell you how good this movie is. Granted, it feeds into his Super Hero obsession, but still. Go see it.

After that, we made a brief trip to my store to pick up darling Kiffer after his de-nutting. Apparently there was a bit of an Oopsie with Sal. Or should I say, Sally. Sal went in for a neuturing and got a spay instead. We were all shocked. Except for Jay who was all 'I KNEW she was a girl!'. Yeah, yeah, okay Mr. Man. But Kiff is back, I'm a little concerned about him, as he doesn't seem to be very interested in food and there was a bit of an incident involving him peeing on the backing of our new DVD rack, as I was pulling it out of the box last night. But as Jay and Andrew pointed out, it was a /box/ with plastic in it, not unlike the litterboxes. Plus, he /did/ have a rough day. Found out his brother was a girl (not that he didn't already know, it was just our dumb asses), didn't eat for 24 hours, lost his balls, then his sister and got vaccinated. It was a hard day. Poor little guy.

After that, we headed back to the house, bummed around a bit, Andrew came over adn we played a rather cutthroat game of Settler's of Catan. Sadly, I am VICIOUS at board games and can make even that peaceful game mean. Apparently. Ah well.

Uhm, very long post, more or less about nothing. I dunno if I'm going to make a post about what's bothering me. I dunno if I can adequately put it into words. I just dunno. Suffice it to say, I'm very sad. I'm trying to get better. The day with my boyfriend did help.


P.S. new Kiff icons!

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Wed, Nov. 17th, 2004 07:34 pm

Thank you for coming into my store today. Thank you for getting into my cashier aisle. Thank you for looking at a fairly obviously distraught young woman who looks like she's having a bad day, possibly one in which she nearly breaks up with her boyfriend of three and a half years, and telling her that she's going to get diabetes. Thank you for continuing to berate this stranger who is helping you purchase items for your dog, thank you for telling her in a condescending tone, that you're not trying to be mean, but doing her a favor. Thank you for telling her as you pat her arm, that it's all about the small steps. Thank you for saying to her, 'You just need to lay off the fries'.


By the way, my manager says if you ever come into my store again he's throwing you out. Bitch.

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Wed, Nov. 17th, 2004 08:40 am
But I don't WANT to go to work today! Wah!

Lord I'm tired of working. And I'm really not liking the split weekend thing, where I'm off Tuesday and Thursday with a nugget of working on Wednesday. This sucks. However, there is a spot of convenience, as I can take Kiff and Coyote (my name for Sal, dangit) in today for their neutering tomorrow, and not worry about going in on my day off to do it. Then I can likely pick Kiff up Friday. I think. Or maybe Thursday evening. Who knows? I'll find out later.

Uhm. Yeah. Short entry. My entire life seems to revolve around either kittens or working of late. Go figure.

I saw the northern lights last week. I feel, suddenly, that I should mention this. That was way cool.

Uhm. Reading 'The Dark Tower'. Alternately want a chance to sit alone and just /read/ it and also don't want it to end. So, I've been parcelling it to myself in little bits. It's damn good, but I suppose that really goes without saying.

I've been having problems with my feet and nervous compulsion. I won't go into details, but the end result is a really annoying limp that is starting to piss me off. Hopefully it'll bloody go away soon.

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow.

Oh, and I made my favorite ever D&D character. Waywocket Ningel, gnome Paladin of Heironeous. Her mount is a Dire Weasel. I made people cry. Thus, I am giddy and pleased.

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Tue, Nov. 16th, 2004 11:03 am
I've been vewy vewy qwiet.

But not cuz I've been hunting rabbits. Just tired. Bone tired. Just came off a six-day stretch of work, all eight hours 'cept for the ten hour day. Guh. That'll learn me to go into work early and say hi to the Store Director. Had a meeting, it was interesting. We played this game in which one of the instructions was to 'be as mean as possible without cussing the person out'. That was so not me. Anyway, it was funny, sorta.

Uhm. We named the cat. Naturally it ended up being nothing on the actual list, not that you guys' input wasn't great. It was just that sort of moment where I'm like 'What are we going to name this cat?' and Jay's face suddenly lit up with inspiration and he all but shouted 'Kiff!' And thus, our new kitten is named after the much put upon green alien second in command from Futurama. And sometimes, as I see him, buried under the massive girth of Stitch as he's being mounted (no humping) and bitten... I see that sad, long suffering glaze to his eyes and I know that yes, Kiff is the name. I keep threatening to rename Stitch Zap if he keeps it up.

*sigh* Back from breaking up another fight. Christ. I can't wait til this part is over. Hearing the little ones cry when Stitch holds them down is really upsetting. I can't parse the two Stitches sometimes. One is very sweet and mellow, and the other is a big fat bully.



I have an idea: Someone ask me a question. Anything.

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Wed, Nov. 10th, 2004 09:02 pm
So, before we start, I figure I should...
Spam you all again with the subject of this poll.Collapse )

To further limit spammage and spare y'alls friends listsCollapse )

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Wed, Nov. 10th, 2004 08:42 pm

Iiiiiiiiiii have pictures! Hooray! Prepare thyself for Ultimate Cuteness!

Because I love you, and want you to love me too.Collapse )

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Tue, Nov. 9th, 2004 09:58 am

So, ladies and gents... I give you this.

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Mon, Nov. 8th, 2004 06:54 pm

So. After getting some very good advice, and just taking some time to get calm and listen to my intuition, I took the kitten and Stitch into the bathroom and let them just be around each other. Armed with a spray bottle I watched Stitch charge the little one, lift up his paw like the Club of Doom, hiss... and watch as the kitten rolled over, belly up and mewl. This seemed to be what Stitch needed to see, for the paw did not fall.

Not to say they are the best of friends yet. Stitch will still occasionally charge up to the kitten, sometimes wapping him soundly on the head, sometimes just threatening to or hissing, but no claws have come out, no blood has been shed, and I am feeling far more confidant.

Excuse me while I go clean up kitten diarrhea. Why yes, this IS my day off.

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