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The Many Faces of Me
March 2005
Tue, Mar. 22nd, 2005 12:20 pm

It's been a long time coming, but after a lot of reflection... this journal isn't me any more. I've changed. I've left this space. Sashafinn isn't who I am. So I'm going to say goodbye. This'll be the last post I write here. This chapter of my life is closed. Thank you for reading, if you have. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for helping to shape me.

Be well.


Thu, Jan. 20th, 2005 04:49 pm

rime : A coating of ice, as on grass and trees, formed when extremely cold water droplets freeze almost instantly on a cold surface.

I'm not entirely sure where it was I learned this word. Before moving to Canada there is no real point in which knowing this word would make sense for me. There's no reason I should know this word. I've been living in California for the last fifteen years, far, far away from snow. But I know it. I've had it in my head on and off for the last day.

Speaking of rime...

Ways Tory knows she's been in Canada too long:

Upon walking out of the apartment building at 8 am she exclaims, "Wow! It's so warm! What is it? Minus five?" and immediately unzips her hooded sweatshirt.

Ways Tory knows she hasn't been in Canada long enough:

When she gets off work and looks up and says "Whoa! It's warm enough that it's raining and not snowing! Cool!" WIthout realizing that the rain freezes almost instantly which effectively covers everything (including cars, cement stairs, handrails, etc.) in a quarter inch thick solid layer of ice. This, by the way, turns the twenty uneven stairs that lead up and down from her apartment building into a deathtrap.

But, thankfully it started snowing like crazy today. So there is a nice half inch of snow covering the quarter inch thick layer of ice covering the other foot or so of snow. It's like a snow-ice oreo, but not as tasty.


Mon, Jan. 17th, 2005 11:58 am
I pop in long enough to share this: : http://www.viralmeister.com/movies/SheepEscape.wmv

I nearly peed myself. Enjoy.

Oh. Update. Uhm. I live?

More ... when I get it together.


Sat, Dec. 25th, 2004 05:27 pm

Jay proposed!!! My ring is BEAUTIFUL! It's perfect, perfect, perfect. Three square cut blue topazes with accent diamonds in white gold. It's perfect. I'm engaged!! Heee! I have an engagement ring! I can't believe it! Hee! I had to share!

Oh. MAN!

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Mon, Dec. 6th, 2004 11:46 am

Well, maybe not ten. But two. Or three. Possibly even as many as five.

Firstly, however: JESUS FUCK IT'S COLD!

I am so going to die. I thought I knew what cold was. But, see, that was before I experienced a cold so intense that the cilia in my nose froze, and I felt something akin to a brain freeze, but solely in my nose. Or knew that at -21 your eyes gum up. Oi. Freezing.

Things I learned this morning:

1. Never trust traction. Snow is cunning and tricksy. I was minding my own business and walking just fine and pa-POW! On my ass. It was hilarious.
2. Running shoes aren't meant for walking in two feet of snow.
3. Wet feet suck. Icy cold wet feet suck most of all.
4. Never touch an exposed piece of metal with bare skin. Ever.
5. Never throw snowballs at Giant Kiwis. For their revenge is great and while you are squealing over the loss of feeling in your ice-cold fingers from having touched the snow with bare skin they will incur a Doom Shower of snow upon your also bare head.
6. Even if wearing a parka, a short-sleeved, threadbare tshirt is a BAD IDEA in minus twenty-one degree weather.


So, now we come to the 'why Tory hasn't been around' portion. I'll tell you why. Conveniently it is also the reason Jay must die. He brought crack into my house, ladies and gents. Crack by the name of World of Warcraft. And I've been unable to stop playing this retardedly good game. BASTARD.

Hey Roach? What server are you on? We must play!

Also, I've been working like a fiendish dog. Christ I'm tired of working. Christmas sucks. Well. Working retail at Christmas is sucky. So. So. So tired. Also, christmas music inspires me to homicide.

Oh, and check this out (you have to cut and paste it into your browser. Stupid Angelfire.): http://www.angelfire.com/rpg2/honeysucklerose/way.gif

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Thu, Nov. 25th, 2004 12:42 pm

Arright, so, sadly, I'd already deleted a lot of the originals while cropping for my various icons. So, some of these are tiny, 100x100. Anyway, some others were shots I had to pull from photo albums, so they too are on the small side. But I do have a couple I just pulled that are bigger. So, without further ado...

Cut for length consideration, and because not all are worksafe.Collapse )

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Thu, Nov. 25th, 2004 09:19 am

So, yeah. Been playing The Sims 2 a lot. So, last night, I'm doing my thing, though I was plagued by 'doh' moments. Like asking the wife of another of my sims to move in with the woman she's currently sneaking around with. And then when her hubby comes by for a bootie call clicking 'Try for Baby' instead of 'Woohoo'. Damn. So, then she gets preggers (I shall state, for clarity that the 'she' in this case is Bettina, rather than her girlfriend Valkyrk.) and I devise a scheme in which I switch over to her hubby's plot and get Royce to ask her to live with him again. She agrees, she goes home, she pops out a kid. Hurrah! I then have her invite Valkyrk over, make out in front of Royce (those are some great screenshots) and have Royce divorce her. Great! She's now babyless and free to marry Valkyrk! Hurrah!

So, I tootle back to Val's pad, ring up Bettina, invite her over and have her move in. Now. Here's where things get weird. So, they get engaged and throw a Wedding Party. A minute into the Wedding Party with nary a Woo or a Hoo between the girls, Bettina grows a belly. Now. I'm not talking about a little 'Oh! Yay! She's preggers' bump. We're talking full on about to drop bump. (Sims 2 is really neat as this progresses over the course of three or so days) Okay... So... /who/ is the father of this child??? Then they get married, and I notice that there is a peculiar name on the 'Toast to' list. This is not anyone I can /see/ at the party, nor anyone I can think of. Then I notice a glass hovering in mid-air. Ghosts you can se... so.. who the heck is this? I begin to wonder if (since Val called in sick that day to get married and stuff) if it was her boss. But that would be very strange. Anyway. Point is, Bettina is 'too pregnant' to go on the Honeymoon and when Val gets back, Bettina gives birth. Now. Here is where it gets really weird. Normally, in this game there are lots of cut scenes. When you get Nookie, when you get engaged, get married, you know, the big stuff. Giving Birth is one of the cuter ones. The mom's green diamond thingy swells and then splits into two and it's very schmaltzy and cute. There was no cut scene for this birth. There was screaming agony (also new) and then the child was born. With no eyes. THE BABY HAS NO EYES! It is SO FREAKY!

This has been your Freaky Sims Updates.

Should I post some of my screenshots? Most are funny and some aren't work safe. So I leave the question up to my friends. Tell me if ya wanna see 'em! I can also include the crazy mutants I made too.

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Wed, Nov. 24th, 2004 08:41 pm
So, I was supposed to clean the house today. I, uh, picked up a lot of garbage?

Mainly, I got distracted (surprise, surprise) by the Sims 2 and my continuing obsession with animated icons.

I made this guy: however, it is 2KB too big too be an icon. I weep.

No, really. Tomorrow? Tomorrow I am SO cleaning this place.


Oh! I also made this: for dansa. Hee.

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Mon, Nov. 22nd, 2004 09:17 pm
This is going to be more or less stream of consciousness. Cut, because.Collapse )

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Mon, Nov. 22nd, 2004 07:54 pm
This is me having waaaay too much fun with the gif animator!



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